On the eve of her 70th birthday, Canadian writer Margaret Atwood set out on an international tour to celebrate the publication of her new dystopian novel, The Year of the Flood. But rather than mount a traditional tour, Atwood conceived and executed something far more ambitious and revelatory-a theatrical version of her novel. Along the way she reinvented what a book tour could be.

Atwood’s odyssey is now captured in Ron Mann’s new film, In The Wake of the Flood. Rendered as a fly-on-the-wall film verite, In The Wake of the Flood mixes new footage, archival materials and evocative CGI in featuring Atwood on the road and at home.

From Edinburgh and London to New York City, Toronto and Vancouver, Atwood emerges as a wizened elf whose rare sensibility is always in the foreground: a life and art coalesced into a unity of medium and message.

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“Taking us behind the curtain of Margaret Atwood’s travelling medicine show, ‘In the wake of the Flood’ offers a candid, revealing portrait of the author as activist oracle – Atwood is the ultimate camp counseller, mounting a pageant to save the planet with a birdsong in her heart and a silent spring in her step.” – Brian D. Johnson, Macleans Magazine