2010 Guidelines

The 2009 choices worked out quite well, though it was hard to factor in everything, such as the electricity used in theatres. The author is sticking to these guidelines for 2010, as well, though she did not turn into a total non-carnivore. However, animal protein is kept to a minimum by herself and partner, and when it is used it is local and organic.

2009 Tour

In an effort to keep the 2009 tour as green as possible, all those involved agreed to make the following choices wherever possible.

To make the events as local as possible, by using not only local talent but also local food, organic if available.

  • The author took the VegiVows for the duration of the trip, with the exception of non-avian and non-mammalian bioforms once a week. Like the Gardeners, however, she will permit eggs, viewed as a sort of nut.
  • To carbon-neutralize the travel, with the help of the calculations of ZeroFootprint; to go by train when possible.
  • To choose hotels and other sleeping places that have environmental policies, whenever available.
  • To choose paper that is Ancient Forest Friendly and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, with the help of Canopy.
  • To choose CD covers that are environmentally friendly, and organic cotton only for the items in our Café Press store.
  • To request the event venues to serve only shade-grown, organic, fair trade coffee, which is bird-friendly – unlike sun-grown and pesticide-sprayed, a huge destroyer of songbirds.
  • To avoid bottled water.
  • The biggest challenge for the author was keeping the luggage to a minimum. She did manage mostly wheel-it-yourself. The rules for the wardrobe will be ONE OR MORE OF: Had it for years; organic cotton; hemp. And remember: Think pink, pack black. It dirts less.